On Wings of Hope

The MusicaNova Orchestra performs an uplifting concert of renewal, shared humanity and strength of purpose. Alfred Schnittke’s Moz-Art à la Haydn opens the concert with musicians entering the stage one by one (social distancing!) and riffing on an unfinished pantomime by Mozart. Rising young composer Quinn Mason’s Svitani (which means “dawn” in Czech), written for MusicaNova, focuses on renewal, rebirth and hope. Graham Cohen’s Gamelan for String Orchestra recreates the sound of Indonesian percussion ensembles. The concert bookends with Haydn’s Farewell Symphony, in which musicians leave the stage one by one.

MusicaNova Announces 2020-21 Season

PHOENIX —MusicaNova Orchestra, the innovative Valley group know for performances of new, unjustly neglected and familiar music, returns this fall with live and streamed performances. The schedule includes a variety of programs from […]