Seth Bärtschi, principal trombone

Seth Bartschi freelances in the Phoenix area on alto, tenor and bass trombone. In addition to playing with MusicaNova, he regularly performs with the Phoenix Symphony, Phoenix Opera, West Valley Symphony, Symphony of the Southwest and Millennial Choirs Orchestra.

Seth holds a position as adjunct faculty at Glendale Community College teaching trombone. Seth’s teachers include Ralph Sauer, Douglas Yeo, and Peter Vivona. He has been recorded on four commercially released albums, including a solo track of Rachmaninoff’s Fantasy Piece on the album Living Legacy.

Before devoting himself to music he studied and trained in aviation, earning his pilot’s license while flying friends and family on $100 hamburger runs and building up several hundred hours in flight experience. He remains an avid aviation enthusiast as well as a connoisseur of fine root beers.