David Ice, harp

Inspired by “Jaws” and the film music of Bernard Herrmann, I started harp lessons in 1977 at the tender age of 23. After 6 weeks I was absolutely in love with the instrument.

One day my instructor put “Moonlight” on my stand and asked me to sight-read it. I blundered through it relatively well, and she asked, “Do you think you could play this in six weeks?” I told her sure, no problem. “Well, this is from ‘The Fantasticks’ and it’s the hardest part of the show. The orchestra is just piano and harp, so you’re almost a soloist. A conductor is going to call here in about 15 minutes, asking if you would play the show for him, and I want you to say ‘yes.’”

Before long I was playing with orchestras just about every weekend. Me, with no music degree, no conservatory training, no formal musical education other than piano lessons as a child! Playing Sibelius, Poulenc, Debussy, Ravel, Tschaikovsky, Shostakovich — with 80 piece orchestras.

I love playing with MusicaNova because the programming is unique and adventurous. I never know what I’ll be encountering, and there are some concerts that will forever be my favorite, including playing Graham Cohen’s “Unexpected Affinities,” which was an absolute joy and gave me the same “electric feeling” when I heard the harps in “Jaws”. I always know that the music Warren chooses will be GREAT!