MusicaNova Orchestra Policy for Educational Outreach and Collaboration

MusicaNova will seek out and establish collaborations with schools, colleges, and music education foundations, identified as a key success factor for growth in the Musica Nova, Inc. Strategic Plan. Such collaborations are a wonderful opportunity for two-way engagement, including the opportunity for professional musicians to provide instruction and insight, and for students to learn by performing in MusicaNova-sponsored concerts and artist development workshops.

Study Aids for Young Musicians
by MusicaNova Orchestra Musicians and conductor Warren Cohen

David Ice on overcoming stage fright

Routine Exercises  for low brass РMatt Vezey

Ocotillo Classical-Folk Fusion

What is Music Therapy? Kristin Fray

Double Bass and Sound Effects – Zach Bush

Practice Tools: The Metronome

My life as bassist and composer – Zach Bush

Guitalele?!? – Kristin Fray

Violin Practice Tips: Strengthening Fingers

Cello Two-Octave Scales 1: C Major

Cello Two-Octave Scales 2: G Major

Cello Two-Octave Scales 3: D Major

Cello Two-Octave Scales 4: F Major

Cello Two-Octave Scales 5: B-flat Major