Clarinetist Kristin Fray’s fun, multi-instrumental mash-up

Enjoy MusicaNova principal clarinetist Kristin Fray’s fun, multi-instrumental mash up of “I’ve Been Everywhere” and “Route 66.” The video is a thank you to donors who sent us past the first $500 mark in our summer fund-raiser.
We’ve posted two more videos since, a tender rendition of “Everyone Says I Love You” by harpist David Ice and a Canadian reel performed by violist and composer Graham Cohen.

More are lined up, including Warren Cohen’s improvisation on notes given to him by the campaign’s first contributors.
We’ll roll out a video for every $500 donated. You can look forward to a creative demonstration of kaolack drumming by principal percussionist Sonja Branch. Brilliant playing by MusicaNova’s new concertmaster. Warren’s improv, which will be brilliant. But we have to hit those benchmarks first.

Your contribution will go twice as far, thanks to a challenge issued by David Connell, John Cleveland, Robert Leger, Elizabeth and John McKinnon, and Dominique van de Stadt and Octavio Pajaro. They will match every donation through Aug. 11, up to a total of $9,000. That means your $25 becomes $50, your $50 becomes $100, your $200 becomes $400.

You can donate online here. If you prefer to write a check, please send it to MusicaNova Orchestra, 610 E. Bell Road, Suite 2-552, Phoenix, AZ 85022-2393. And remember, every dollar you donate goes twice as far.
Thanks to those who have given already: Marj Sherman, Gary Moss, Carol Greenley, Irma Jurado, Carolyn Whitaker, John Friedeman, Susan Morris, Marsha Nelson, Kathryn Proffitt, Nancy Ramirez, and four donors who wished to be anonymous.

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